Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cerabeta?

Cerabeta is a natural product obtained from Canadian barley grains. Cerabeta is a soluble fiber that contains barley beta-glucan, which is clinically proven to lower cholesterol. Cerabeta is carefully formulated to contain barley beta-glucan in the right proportion to help you lower cholesterol levels naturally.  

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How is it made?

Cerabeta is made with exclusive non-GMO barley grains. To extract beta-glucan from non-GMO barley grains, and create Cerabeta, we have developed a patented processing technology called ACAPS (air-current assisted particle separation). Using ACAPS aids in the separation of fiber from other particles in barley, and does not use enzymes, solvents, or chemicals in the process. 


What makes Cerabeta ideal for me? 

Cerabeta is the most natural way to lower cholesterol. We formulated Cerabeta to work with the normal functions of your body, rather than to block or change them. We think your body is a precious gift that deserves the best benefits possible 


How do you use Cerabeta?

Using Cerabeta is easy. To learn how to use Cerabeta, feel free to check out this video. 


Does Cerabeta have a taste? 

Cerabeta has a neutral taste, and fine texture. This makes it easy to add into your beverages, smoothies, food, and recipes. 


How does Cerabeta work to lower cholesterol?

Cerabeta’s primary ingredient, barley beta-glucan, naturally lowers cholesterol levels in your body after consumption. For more information on how Cerabeta works, visit this page. 


How much Cerabeta should I take per day?

It is recommended to incorporate 3 scoops (10g) of Cerabeta per day. This amount is the perfect amount to start reducing your cholesterol levels. 


How much Cerabeta do I need to take to see results? 

One bag of Cerabeta contains a two-week supply if the recommended serving amount is consumed daily. If you diligently incorporate the recommended serving amount into your diet, you should start to see results after four-to-six weeks.  


How much beta-glucan do I get in a bag of Cerabeta? 

Each bag of Cerabeta contains 140g of barley beta-glucan fiber.  


How do I know if Cerabeta is working? 

To know if Cerabeta is working, we recommend  testing your cholesterol levels before, and after using CerabetaBy comparing your cholesterol levels, you should be able to tell if Cerabeta has helped you reduce cholesterol levels. 


Can I stop taking statins if I start using Cerabeta? 

If you are taking statins and Cerabeta, we encourage to take both initially. Then, consult with your physician once your cholesterol levels are stable.  


Are there any side effects with taking Cerabeta? 

Cerabeta is a natural way to lower cholesterol. We pride ourselves with the fact that there are no negative side effects with taking Cerabeta, unlike side effects associated with statins. 


Can I find Cerabeta in stores? 

Cerabeta is currently and exclusively available on our online store. Click here to shop for Cerabeta now. 


What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that comes from two sources. Firstly, about 80% of cholesterol needed for your body is produced by the liver. The liver-produced cholesterol is enough to maintain vital physiological functions such as the synthesis of steroid hormones and vitamin D, as well as bile acids required for the metabolism of lipids and fat-soluble vitamins. The other 20% comes from food derived from animals. This includes: meat, poultry, and dairy products. 

For more information on cholesterol, visit our page on cholesterol here. 


What is barley beta-glucan?

Beta-glucan is a water-soluble dietary fiber naturally occurring in the cell walls of barley grains. Barley beta-glucan is comprised of linear chains of D-glucose monomers linked by β-(1-3) and β-(1-4) bonds. Barley beta-glucan has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels and is also approved by Health Canada.  

For more information on barley beta-glucan, feel free to check out this page. 


Is there scientific proof behind barley beta-glucan and cholesterol reduction? 

Scientists worldwide have proven that barley beta-glucan lowers blood cholesterol. These studies have been submitted to regulatory organizations in Canada (Health Canada), USA (FDA) and Europe (EFSA) so that manufacturing companies are able confidently claim that a product containing barley beta-glucan really works. After a rigorous review of this scientific evidence, barley beta-glucan has been approved to lower cholesterol with a specific dosage. This dosage has been formulated in Cerabeta. 

For more information and research on barley beta-glucan and its benefits, please click here. 


What else can I do to help lower my cholesterol? 

Lowering cholesterol doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do the following things to help lower your cholesterol levels: 

  1. Eating heart-healthy foods 
  1. Exercise on most days of the week and increase physical activity 
  1. Quit smoking, and drink alcohol in moderation 

These lifestyle changes are a few ways you can help your body to lower cholesterolFor more information on lowering cholesterol, you can visit this website. 


Who produces Cerabeta? 

Cerabeta is proudly manufactured by Sunny Boy Foods Ltd. located in Camrose, Alberta. 

For more information on Sunny Boy Foods, visit the company website here. 


How does the Cerabeta Subscription option work?

When you subscribe to Cerabeta's subscription plans, you will receive 1-2 units of Cerabeta per month. Depending on the amount of months you remain subscribed for, you'll receive a percentage off each unit purchased. This means that you'll save money while knowing that you'll always have enough Cerabeta!


How often is the Cerabeta Subscription billed?

Cerabeta subscription plans are charged bi-weekly/monthly. When you first purchase the subscription option, your order will tell you how much is charged to your payment method each payment period. This amount will never change during the subscription period. There are also minimum commitments for each subscription plan. To view these, please check our product page for more information.