About Cerabeta

Our Mission:

Cerabeta’s mission is to provide the world’s most natural and sustainable solutions for all individuals seeking to lower their cholesterol.  We envision a world in which the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke is eradicated by harnessing the power of barley beta-glucans globally. 

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Our Product:

Cerabeta is produced by Sunny Boy Foods in Camrose Alberta using 100% natural Canadian barley.  Our beta-glucan fiber is extracted using a patented process without the use of chemicals or solvents, resulting in a natural product that you can feel good about taking. 
Barley-beta glucan is a soluble fiber that has been extensively proven to naturally lower your LDL (bad) and total cholesterol levels.  It will also help improve overall gut health, aid digestion, and help to regulate blood sugar levels – resulting in more consistent energy between meals. 
Unlike statins and other cholesterol lowering drugs, Cerabeta is 100% natural and will not leave you having to deal with unpleasant side effects. 
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Our Story: 

Sunny Boy Foods has been providing high quality, nutritious cereal and grain products since 1926.  In 2015 the company entered into partnership with leading food scientists at the University of Alberta to develop a revolutionary new technology that allows for easy, environmentally friendly separation of fibers and proteins from cereals.  This technology, known as ACAPS (Air Current-Assisted Particle Separation), allows for the extraction of beta-glucan fiber to be extracted from barley grains and thus Cerabeta was born.  

Our goal is to share the benefits of barley-beta glucan with the world and offer an affordable, effective, and natural solution for anyone looking to lower their cholesterol levels while enhancing their overall health and wellbeing.  Too many individuals in this world have had their health negatively affected by the severe side effects that come with taking statin medications.  At Cerabeta, our top priority is to help our customers lower their cholesterol without having to sacrifice other aspects of their health.  

We envision a world where everyone has access to the natural cholesterol lowering power of barley beta-glucan, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and stoke worldwide, and allowing us to live better, longer, happier lives.  Please join us in spreading good health and the joy that comes along with it. 

Research Backed: Cerabeta is carefully developed using scientific research from our board of medical advisors and academics.


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