• Lower your cholesterol naturally. Feel better.

  • Cerabeta™
  • Easy to use.

  • Cerabeta™
  • Approved by Health Canada & the FDA.

  • Cerabeta™
  • 100% natural ingredients.

  • Cerabeta™

Lower your cholesterol naturally. Feel better.

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Easy to use.

Cerabeta™ BUY NOW

Approved by Health Canada & the FDA.

Cerabeta™ BUY NOW

100% natural ingredients.

Cerabeta™ BUY NOW

Cerabeta lowers your LDL (bad), and total cholesterol levels using organic beta-glucan fiber. Unlike cholesterol reducing drugs, Cerabeta is 100% natural and leaves you feeling better by improving your digestion, gut health, and helping to reduce your blood sugar levels.

Introduce 3 scoops of cerabeta per day

Easy to Use

Cerabeta is a soluble fiber with a neutral taste that can easily be added to your favourite food and beverages.

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Health CAN & FDA Approved

Beta-glucan has been extensively proven through academic and regulatory research to reduce cholesterol levels.


100% Natural

Extracted from Alberta organic barley without the use of chemicals, feel better by taking a natural supplement.

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Barley Beta-Glucan. That's it.

We have carefully extracted beta-glucan fiber from non-GMO barley grains with zero chemicals or enzymes to create Cerabeta, a premium, high quality product that benefits you the most.

Cerabeta contains the highest concentration of beta-glucan than other fibers on the market. Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber that naturally occurs in barley, that actively reduces LDL cholesterol levels.

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More than just cholesterol

Gut Health

Barley beta-glucan improves digestive function, helps in moderating appetite, and enhances the performance of benefical bacteria.

Heart Health

Cerabeta's main ingredient, barley beta-glucan, is scientifically proven to lower blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Blood Sugar

By incorporating 3 scoops of Cerabeta into your daily diet, you are contributing towards the reduction of blood sugar levels after meals.

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Completely Natural Ingredients


Simple to Use

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