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  • Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

    Did you know that depending on your age and gender, the amount of daily fiber you need is different? According to Health Canada, Canadians are consuming 10 - 20 grams less than required! 
  • Adding barley fiber to your diet can prevent high cholesterol

    In today’s world, people are taking increasingly more proactive steps towards living healthier, happier, and better lives.  We know that a proactive approach to health care can improve our lives by preventing the development of disease and other negative health conditions. Maintaining healthy cholesterol isn’t something that many of us think of when it comes to proactive health.
  • Heart Month: Let's Talk About Heart Health

    February is commonly thought of as the heart month for love because of Valentine's Day, but it's much more than just the opportunity to tell someone you love them. February is the National Heart Month in both Canada and the USA; it is a time to bring awareness to the importance of heart disease and what we can do to prevent it.
  • The Best Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

    Every year millions of North Americans are diagnosed by their doctors as having high cholesterol and are tasked with bringing their LDL and total c...
  • Beta-Glucans: Not All the Same

    Are you thinking of taking beta-glucan fiber to help lower your cholesterol naturally? If so, read the label carefully before buying any supplement because not all beta-glucans are the same. Only beta-glucan extracted from cereals (oats and barley) have the lowering cholesterol effect.

    Beta-glucan is a fiber that is naturally present in the cell walls of cereals (oat and barley), yeast and mushrooms, and its health benefits are different depending on the source. If you search online, there are several beta-glucan products that offer different solutions to health problems. However, keep in mind that not all beta-glucans lower cholesterol, and not all these supplements have enough scientific evidence to prove the health claims written on their labels.

    A health claim is a statement on the label of a product that relates the product to a health benefit. A health claim must have enough scientific evidence to be approved by a regulatory body such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), etc.

    In this post, you will find the differences between beta-glucans available in the market, and what makes cereal beta-glucans special and unique to be a natural lowering cholesterol alternative.

  • The Dr. Mom Holiday Box

    The Cerabeta team believes in giving back to our local community in Edmonton and providing positive energy during this holiday season.

    In particular, we want to thank the healthcare workers who have been tirelessly working more shifts and longer hours to keep us healthy and safe. Like so many of us, these individuals had to sacrifice time away from their families to work towards making it safe for everyone. As a small token of our heartfelt gratitude, we gifted away holiday boxes to healthcare practitioners in the Edmonton area.

    Click on the blog to read more about out partnership with Dr. Stephanie Liu (Dr. Mom), and our community outreach efforts.

  • 5 Low Cholesterol Recipes for the Holidays

    The holiday season is here! While we may not be physically together this year due to COVID-19, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the safety of our own homes. One way to spread holiday cheer is to cook up those favourite recipes.

    Eating healthy and maintaining cholesterol levels is usually an afterthought during this time of year. However, that doesn't have to be the case. You can still make those traditional and tasty holiday recipes, all while maintaining a healthy heart (and even healthy cholesterol levels)!

    This year, we've put together a list of 5 holiday-themed recipes, that will taste amazing and keep your cholesterol levels down. Spread the holiday spirit by sharing these with all your family and friends and eat together on your Zoom calls.

  • Which Foods Lower Cholesterol?

    High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, the world's leading cause of death.

    Cholesterol levels are directly affected by your diet and eating habits. You can lower your cholesterol levels by eating foods that are heart healthy.

    Healthy eating doesn't have to be a daunting thought. You don't need to make huge changes to what you eat to be healthier. Instead, try small habit changes over time.

    Here are our top five food recommendations to (slowly) incorporate into your diet to lower cholesterol.