How Does Cerabeta Work?

Cerabeta and Cholesterol: The Science 

Cerabeta contains a fine concentrate of barley beta-glucan fiber, which has been clinically proven to lower LDL and total cholesterol naturallyBacked by extensive scientific research, and approved by Health Canada, we’ve created Cerabeta with the intent of helping you feel better about your cholesterol levels, and overall heart-health. 

(click here to view the research behind barley beta-glucan, or, if you would like to learn more about cholesterol, click here). 

Cerabeta’s cholesterol-reducing benefits aren’t magic. In fact, it’s completely scientific. Of course, sharing how our product works is important for us, and you, so that you know exactly how Cerabeta works to help you maintain a healthy heart. 

So, how does Cerabeta work? 

  1. When you consume Cerabeta (by incorporating it into your food/beverages), the beta-glucan (soluble fiber) in Cerabeta forms a gel in the small intestine that surrounds the bile acids (see diagram 1, 2).  
  2. Once these bile acids are surrounded by the beta-glucan soluble fiber, they can no longer be reabsorbed through the walls of the small intestine and recycled back into the liver. Instead, they leave through the digestive tract (3). 
  3. Finally, the liver takes the cholesterol out of the blood to replace the bile acids that have been lost. The ending resulttotal blood cholesterol levels decrease. (4) 


This diagram depicts how Cerabeta (barley beta-glucan) works to lower cholesterol. 

Scientific studies have demonstrated that a daily intake of a minimum 3g of barley beta-glucan, the active ingredient in Cerabeta, will help to lower cholesterol levels, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). For more information on barley beta-glucan, check out our dedicated page on this ingredient here.