What is Beta-Glucan?

Beta-Glucan: The Basics 

Beta-glucan is a naturally occurring water soluble dietary fiberIn addition to aiding with digestion and helping to maintain blood sugar levels, barley beta-glucan has been clinically proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels when regularly consumed. 

How Beta-Glucan Lowers Cholesterol

Scientific research has demonstrated that barley beta-glucan increases the viscosity of the intestine and binds to bile acids reducing their absorption to the liver. Consequently, the liver produces new bile acid from cholesterol, reducing blood circulating cholesterol. 

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Cerabeta’s Beta-Glucan

Cerabeta’s active ingredient is 100% naturally extracted beta-glucan from premium, non-GMO Canadian barley. Cerabeta is carefully formulated to contain 3 grams of pure barley beta-glucan per serving – the optimal amount required to effectively fight high cholesterol levels.

Our customers choose Cerabeta beta-glucan fiber knowing:
  • It’s 100% natural
  • No sweeteners, colours, or additional ingredients are added
  • No chemicals, solvents, or enzymes are used in extraction
  • Made only from non-GMO barley

Natural Extraction

Cerabeta’s beta-glucan is naturally extracted from barley grain using a patented processing technology called Air-Current Assisted Particle Separation (ACAPS). This clean and environmentally friendly technology was developed in partnership with the University of Alberta and does not use enzymes, solvents or chemical modificationsFeel confident introducing Cerabeta into your diet knowing its 100% pure barley fiber that's been naturally extracted. 

Types of Beta-Glucan

There are different types of beta-glucan and not all of them have the same effect on health. Beta-glucan can also be extracted from yeast, mushrooms and oats; however, beta-glucan extracted from barley is the only one clinically proven and scientifically accepted by regulatory agencies to lower cholesterol. 

Cerabeta vs Statins 

Unlike statins that often result in negative side effects such as headache, fatigue, muscle pain, and nauseaCerabeta is 100% natural and has been proven to aid in digestion and help maintain blood sugar levels.  

Why hasn’t beta-glucan been widely available before?

Great question! Before the team behind Cerabeta developed the ACAPS extraction process, beta-glucan fiber was simply too cost prohibitive to make it a viable option for individuals who want to actively lower their cholesterol.

Now by utilizing the new ACAPS extraction technology, Cerabeta is able to offer beta-glucan at prices affordable enough to make it a meaningful option for individuals looking to reduce cholesterol.