Cerabeta vs. Metamucil - Which One Is Better for Me?

Cerabeta vs. Metamucil - Which One Is Better for Me? 

Fiber is a carbohydrate found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. It improves bowel movements and can help with you losing weight. Unfortunately, even though fiber-rich products are common, only 3 in 100 Canadians consume enough fiber. To close the gap, fiber supplements are becoming more popular, but the wide choice of products might make shopping a bit overwhelming. So, in this article, we’ll compare two popular fiber supplement brands - Cerabeta and Metamucil. 

Benefits of fiber supplements

But why even bother taking fiber supplements? First and foremost, fiber supplements can help people get various health benefits, such as maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Fiber consumption is also linked to a lower risk of certain malignancies, heart disease, diabetes, and food allergies, which are all related to the health of your bowel, and so introducing healthy bacteria with fiber acts as a natural protection. 

Overall, there’s a wide range of advantages you can expect by increasing your daily dosage of fiber, no matter your age, with virtually no downsides for healthy individuals, contributing to the growing popularity of those products. 

What is Cerabeta

Cerabeta is a natural fiber supplement made from beta-glucan, right here in Canada. As a premium fiber powder, it is clinically shown to boost beneficial bacteria function, and keep you fuller for lower, all the while promoting overall gut health.      

Cerabeta contains 100% all-natural fiber with no additives, artificial flavourings, or sugar, thanks to a unique method of production that uses no chemicals or enzymes, preserving its nutritional characteristics for maximum health benefits. 

Since barley fiber has a mild, delicate, and neutral flavor that blends well with your favorite beverages and meals, it’s easy to add Cerabeta to your diet, every day. It’s also a great addition to baking, increasing the nutritional value of your favorite foods.

What is Metamucil

Metamucil is another popular fiber supplement made from psyllium husk, which supports many bodily functions and helps your body get through the day. Metamucil is popular for reducing cholesterol but with so many more natural options on the market, Canadians are more conscious of the ingredients of the products they eat. Metamucil contains sugars and other ingredients that can actually be harmful in the long run.

One of those ingredients is stevia - an artificial sugar, which contributes to Metamucil’s sweet taste but doesn’t benefit the body as much as the brand likes to say. Because stevia is a chemically-made sugar, it’s bad for your stomach and tricks your brain into craving even more sugar, effectively preventing weight loss and other benefits, for which you take natural fiber supplements in the first place.

Cerabeta vs. Metamucil – how do they compare?

The main difference between Cerabeta and Metamucil is in the amount of sugar they contain. Cerabeta is 100% natural, doesn't contain additional sugars, and can be easily integrated into your daily drinks and meals, unlike Metamucil, which tends to only increase your cravings. 

Cerabeta is also a plant-based supplement, making it an excellent solution for vegans. What’s more, it’s effective in reducing cholesterol, and improving gut health and overall health, making it a great food supplement not only for weight loss.