Cerabeta 30 Day Challenge

Cerabeta 30 Day Challenge

Take the first small step to lowering your cholesterol the natural way and subscribe to Cerabeta’s 30 day challenge! 

What is the 30 day challenge? 

Major health goals are accomplished by making small daily changes and sticking with them.  We designed this challenge to help keep you on track to accomplish your goal of lowering your cholesterol and/or improving your digestive and overall health.

With this challenge, we’ll send you a daily text message that will contain the following: 

  • A friendly reminder to take your Cerabeta 

  • A positive message to bring more positivity and happiness to your day! 


Why Take the Challenge? 
Cerabeta’s active ingredient beta-glucan is clinically proven to lower cholesterol, improve digestion and gut health, and helps to moderate blood glucose levels.

If you need to lower your cholesterol, or want to improve your overall health by introducing barely beta-glucan into your diet, then let us help keep you on track. 
Have more questions?  Check out the 30 day challenge FAQ's page here.


How to subscribe: 
To opt in, simply enter your phone number below and confrim your subscription.  Be confident knowing you can opt out at anytime by simply replying STOP to any messages.  
Then, if you haven't already, head over to our store and purchase a 1 month supply of of Cerabeta.  Note that each bag of Cerabeta is a 2 week supply.  Consider signing up for our auto-replenishment option to save up to 20% on monthly deliveries and up to 25% for bi-weekly deliveries. 

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